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Swinburne University Of Technology uses Cloudpath by Ruckus Wireless to automatically onboard BYOD devices for WPA2-Enterprise secure WiFi.   Background curve top
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Welcome To The
Swinburne University Of Technology Network
This wizard will configure your computer for secure network access.

Cloudpath will attempt to load automatically using a Java Applet or ActiveX. If you prefer, you may load Cloudpath manually.

Conditions of Use:
The University's IT systems (systems) are provided for use for University purposes by students, staff and any other third parties with access. Your use of the systems and the University's information constitutes consent to the following conditions. Your use must comply with all University policies, in particular the People, Culture and Integrity Policy, and the Acceptable Use Guidelines. You must not use the systems to engage in offensive, unlawful or illegal behaviour. You are presumed to be responsible for all activity on the systems under your username and password. Lock your computer when you are away from it. Don't disclose your password to anyone. You may use the systems for limited and reasonable personal use, as long as this does not interfere with your role within the University or the operation of the systems. However, don't communicate or store material (especially music, pictures or videos) which infringes third party rights (including without limitation intellectual property rights), or which is offensive or otherwise illegal. The ownership of the intellectual property created by students, staff and any other third parties who access the systems is governed by the University's Statutes and Regulations. If you store any University Information on a privately owned device or facility, you must ensure that the information is removed upon request by the University. The University may monitor and record your use of the systems and may access and read all documents, communications and other material stored on, received by or made using the systems (including without limitation personal emails and other personal communications and data stored in personal file directories). The University may also block content in emails or filter websites that are considered inappropriate. Access may be revoked at any time if these Conditions of Use are breached. Disciplinary or other action may also be taken.
To get started, simply accept the End-User License Agreement and click 'Start >'.
 I accept the terms of the End-User License Agreement.
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